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Pipminds International is a world class Forex education, mentorship and capital investment company. Established in 2019 with the vision of educating the public with the development of information technology and the knowledge of forex trading, Pipminds International Limited also creates programs that allow for the generation of wealth by the average individual

As a growing force in the frontiers of the fin-tech industry, we have a large network of over 1500 people who have benefitted from our educational, mentorship and investment resources. Result is our driving force.

Vision Statement: To take the lead in wealth creation and poverty alleviation through proper education and mentorship of the masses on the current technology-driven economy.

Mission:To educate, empower and enrich individuals using forex as a tool.

Products/Our Offerings

This is what we do and we do it perfectly

Pipminds Academy

Learn all the secrets of Forex Trading

The Pipminds Academy provides education and mentorship on forex trading and other IT related courses for individuals and corporate organizations. With the aim of giving you access to wealth creation alongside your personal development, the academy gives you a full education plan of forex trading, access to trade signals, and an in-depth tutorial that enhances your IT knowledge.

The academy uses simple and easy to learn methods so that beginners can quickly and fully understand. There are two kinds of mentorship programs at Pipminds Academy. A 3-month regular (Individual) training that costs a fee of N100,000 and a corporate (Executive) plan that is available on demand.

COURSE FEE: N100,000 only

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Executive Trade House

The Pipminds Executive Trade Houseis a facility that allows for a professional organization of experienced traders, created solely with the goal of raising a generation of competent traders across locations. As a member of our 'Trade House' , you have on-site access to mentorship as well as a network of traders.

At our trade house, you get live charts and trading signals as well as market overviews. One unique thing about our trade house is the real-time online connection across our locations; so you get access to replicate trade based on the live feed. Get unlimited access to our trade house for $50 only every month.

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Corporate Investment Pool(CIP)

The Corporate Investment Pool is a flexible and secure program designed by Pipminds International to help you earn money while learning. The CIP allows you to choose the amount of capital to invest, your terms of investment, and also the duration of your investment.

The program is transparent and easy to understand so you can earn a sustainable income from a system backed up legally by law and policy. You can monitor and track your investment from a dashboard during your investment period. The CIP is a great opportunity to practice what you are learning and make cool money while at it.

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The PIPminds Partners Program(PPP)

This is a reward program for incredible marketers and brand promoters. We reward great performances with a percentage commission every time you tell anyone about PIPminds International and further make them subscribe to any of our products and services using your unique referral link.

ThePIP Minds Partners Program sets aside 5% of profit monthly to service the multi-level marketing program and rewards its partners up to the third level. This means that you get 3% at the 1st level, 1% at the 2nd level and 0.75% at the 3rd level monthly. This reward program spans the duration of the investment and is payable every 30 days. Being a partner gives you access to the Corporate Investment Pool and also a dashboard where you can report referrals and track how much you have made on commission.

The work is made easier for you as you are provided with a set of marketing tools customized for you to work with. Being a partner comes with leadership awards and recognition as well as travelling and other incentives. Registration fee is 20,000 Naira per annum.

You can register for free, but payment will be charged upon your first bonus. This means that one can actually get registered without paying the fee. However, the equivalent amount will be deducted at source upon their first referral bonus or the subsequent ones until their payment is fully settled.

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People and Profit

Connect online across locations at our trade house(on-site) and get access to a community of people like you and international trade calls in real time.

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Invest and Grow Rich

There is actually a solution to the old car you want to change and that overdue rent you have to pay. Why not invest now?

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Local trade, World-Class Earning

Trade from the comfort of your location or at our trade house and replicate international trade calls live as it is happening. There is no location barrier, this is profit before borders.

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A Reward for Partnership

For every time you tell anyone about us, our products and services, you are rewarded with the benefits of being a partner or brand ambassador.

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Master the Market/Simplified trading strategy

The master of the market is the master of profit. Learn how to be a master of risk and trade excellently in a short time.

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The Money-Making Mindset/The million-dollar mind

At Pipminds, we care about you, and so we have created easy strategies to improve your technical skills and quality thinking for your personal development. We help you be better.

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